School Year 2018/2019


Dear parents,

I am excited to introduce you to this new school year, which I hope will be rich in growth for everyone: children, educators, parents.

As you may have learned by now, the educational planning in our school is a very important component to which we dedicate a lot of time, because it outlines the objectives and paths chosen to give identity and purpose to our work. The time of writing our psycho-pedagogical project is anticipated by many introductory moments; hours of training, study, comparison, analysis of scientific literature, etc. I want to illustrate what happens behind the classrooms of our school, because it is important to give the right emphasis, but above all value, to the work that takes place beyond everyday life, because deciding to work with non-cognitive skills, is a very difficult and demanding, but it is also what the studies show most effective, in fact, we are convinced that together and with love, our children’s nervous connections will bind forever and give form to learning that will never be forgotten. This spirit tells you about us, our mission, our identity and our neuroscientific approach to education and learning.

The theme of this new school year is also very important for the health and for the future of humanity: empathy is a skill that often correlates with a happy life, thus allowing us to work in continuity with our Mission of happiness. .

In recent years, a lot has been discovered about the neurological mechanisms that mediate this ability and why it was so important for the success of our survival and for the construction of our well-being.

We will start from the children, of course, because investing in them is a great responsibility for us, not so much because they represent our future, but because we have a duty to offer him a future!

We will pass to the school and to the project that gave it life, creating a “welcoming” place not only in the physical space, but above all in the mental space.

We will come to you parents, with activities, seminars and workshops, which will set out to promote your empathic skills, to be directed especially towards your children.

I would like to conclude with the ambitious wish, shared by all the staff, to be able to promote with intentionality, a dimension of happiness and well-being, which I hope will remain in your families beyond the time when we will be by your side, thanking you, with the same sincerity and recognition every year, because you offer us the opportunity to make our work with love!


Dr. Perla Boccaccini

Scientific and organizational direction

KLC SCHOOL - Kids Learning Center

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