For Parents

“It takes a village to raise a child”

Parents have always been the undisputed protagonists of the schools designed and directed by me, so I love to mark them by an identification target  that defines them Centers for education and family well-being, this means places assigned to the reception of the whole nucleus, because Family, growing up and educating people, means accepting a challenge, evolving and renewing, discovering, exploring and improving oneself, in short, embracing a life project; the school that I have been promoting for years walks alongside the modern family, sharing responsibilities and tasks with it, insights and concerns, opportunities and solutions. Perla Boccaccini Scientific and organizational direction KLC School.

The active protagonism of the families is now an acquired fact, being definitely recognized by the school policies and entered the conceptual apparatus of the culture of the schools. Our educational center is a place of formation for the family, a context in which parents are actively involved in the formative experience of their children. A strong alliance between parents and school, fed naturally with the aim of building the future of the pupil and family well-being, which would not be such if it did not even include that of mum and dad. An interlocking mechanism, where recreational activities and teaching have a neuro-scientific connotation, with experiences aimed at parents and their children, to feed a relationship that is both emotional and educational. A place where psycho-pedagogical team and parents work together to outline and share educational, relational and educational objectives, able to promote the soft skills of the students. From the daily confrontation with the families was born the psycho-pedagogical counseling service “parents together” by an initiative of Dr. Perla Boccaccini, Psychologist and Psychotherapist, specialist in Health Psychology and expert in intervention strategies in the educational field with the intent to create a desk for family listening, in which to welcome and support families and their natural problems of growth and transformation. The project was admitted to the merit ranking for the public notice announced by the Department of Educational and Scholastic Services of the Municipality of Rome (D.D. n.1825 of 21/12/2009) for the assignment of the realization of a Family Desk. This space for parents and families has as its main objective the promotion of the well-being of the individual, of the couple and of the family and offers a wide range of services, supported by a team of accredited professionals in the sector, designed to respond to various needs of the “family system” through: • Psycho-pedagogical consulting for the growth of awareness and educational intentionality: PARENT COACHING

  • Psychological support for parenting and family: through individual or group meetings
  • Thematic seminars on issues related to child development
  • Play-expressive parent-child laboratories
  • Psychomotor courses • Psychological counseling to the individual, the couple, the family
  • Psychodiagnostic journeys: meetings to assess the emotional, cognitive and social status of the child and the family
  • Psychotherapy: individual, parent / child-child, couple or family therapy
  • Integration with therapeutic interventions already started in public or private structures • Preparation courses for birth and parenting
  • Development screening
  • Evaluation and treatment of Special Educational Needs (DM 12/27/12) and DSA (DISLICT, DISCOVERY, DISCALCULIA, DISORTOGRAPHY, DISPRASSIA, DS OF COMPETITION, DS OF LANGUAGE)
  • Speech therapy interventions
  • Pediatric consultation
  • Legal advice
  • Family mediation The Family today, despite its many configurations, remains the core of the training and the growth of the individual, an expert coaching can help to recognize this function and to exercise it.

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